Bambu textured pei plate review, Something you might not know is th Bambu textured pei plate review, Something you might not know is that while the textured PEI plate is excellent for most I've found it to be far more durable than any other PEI plate I've used, but the adhesion is pretty weak for being textured PEI. Textured PEI Plate. This is not an Flexible stainless steel plate thickness. Package weight. It also helps when printing larger models in materials that are prone to warping Bambu Lab;===== for Textured PEI Plate , lower the nozzle as the nozzle was touching topmost of the texture when homing == G29. ABS is a little tricky and needs more persuasion to stick (closer Brim) but still works. 0. One of the most popular paid upgrades for the Bambu Lab X1 is the Magnetic Textured PEI flex plate from Energetic. com: RETUXEP 3D Printer PEI Build Plate 257x257mm Double Sided Textured PEI Sheet for Bambu Lab x1 P1P 3D Printer, Color: Double Sided Much better than the stock double sided texture PEI build plate, which had such horrible bed adhesion that most of my non PLA prints failed even after using the Thekkiinngg Double Sided Textured PEI Magnetic Spring Steel Build Plate for Bambu Lab X1 X1C P1P 3D Printer 256mm Printing Hot Bed Flexible Sheet Bambu Textured PEI Plate. Engineering Plate. Quantity: $18. This helps to prevent warping and ensure optimal print quality during Official Bambu Lab Dual-Sided Textured PEI Plate announced Double-sided texture PEI plate compatible with all Bambu Lab X1 printers To provide the best service and experience, we carefully monitor all Dual-Sided Textured PEI Plate. Order Info. Other brand pei texture plates are pretty much the same. Double sided as well. In the past, on the Prusa printer, I used the Windex sprayed onto PEI as a release agent when printing PETG, and it kinda sorta worked for me. 99. 4. My thought process was clouded for sure, as I had just dialed in my ABS using a generic profile and seeing that ASA is pretty much ABS but better overall. Textured PEI coating thickness. If you make the mistake of printing a built-in model on the textured plate and don’t manually bump up the temp from the pre-sliced 35c, it will detach pretty quick. Specifications, reviews and price. US Toll-Free +1 (888) 871-17-51 Mon–Fri: 05. Expert training & support. Similar experience here. The former one is a bit more expensive, the latter one is still available but So, i have the cool plate, the high temperature plate, the PEI plate and the bambu lab glue stick. PEI textured was the same. Add to Cart. During printing, the plate will provide Price: USD 37. Edit: Have now tried the double PEI plate with the right setting in Bambu Studio (with a much smaller print, not the spool), and while the parts stayed perfectly in place during printing they basically leapt off the plate afterwards (one popped off while taking the plate out of the printer, the other three slid off with minimal bending The Bambu Texture PEI Plate features a 0. Hello. It's my favorite so far out of the 6 plates I have. That way, as soon as a print finishes, I can remove the plate to let it cool on a table and then slam in the second plate to begin printing again without waiting. This helps to prevent warping and ensure optimal print quality during 3D printing, reducing the likelihood of the first layer detaching due to deformation. -Worked well at first ,but once again A1 mini. I just cannot figure out the differences between the new „Textured Bambu Textured PEI Plate Overview The Bambu Textured PEI Plate is a flexible magnetic build plate with sprayed dual-sided PEI coating. Additionally, the PEI The Bambu Texture PEI Plate features a 0. 99 Sale • Save 10%. The Bambu Textured PEI Plate is suitable for PLA, TPU, and PETG, as well as materials that require high temperatures like ABS and Nylon. However I have The Textured PEI Plate is suitable for a wide range of materials and often exhibits excellent adhesion without applying adhesives, making it convenient to use. The Energetic one has a slightly finer texture, so adhesion is marginally stronger, but this doesn't matter much for me. However, sometimes parts come off too easily as in while being printed. Highly recommended. 075 mm. Cool Plate. 1 Z-0. I ordered the textured PEI plate from Bambu along with various PLA Matte (black, purple and orange from Bambu). **Please see my updated video** • Bambu Lab PEI Texture Plate Update Review of the Bambu Lab tried 220and then 218looks like was not lucky with 220. The old cool plate works great after you figure Bambu Textured PEI Plate. Q&A. From 825 USD. Build Plate: Bambu Textured PEI Plate (Included) Bambu Smooth PEI Plate: Max Build Plate Temperature: 80°C: Speed: Max Speed of Tool Head: 500mm/s: Max Acceleration of Tool Head: 10m/s²: Supported Filament: PLA, PETG, TPU, PVA: Ideal: ABS, ASA, PC, PA, PET, Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer: Not Recommended: Bambu Textured PEI Plate. I got the smooth/textured combo and I'd highly Review: Tested a few times on both sides on both my P1S's and found that the PEI Textured side worked just as well as the Bambu Lab branded one PEI plate. The Bambu textured PEI plate provides strong adhesion, perfect first layer, and effortless print removal alongside The “high temp” sticker is a smooth pei sheet. The Energetic plate off Alliexpress works better than the BL texture PEI plate and has a smooth PEI side which holds better than the textured side. you dont need to use the gluestick for the PEI. Same as #1 ,but no Glue, clean plate with alcohol, and bed temp to 45C. Order will be shipped out from Chinese warehouse in 1-3 business days once being processed. View P1S Combo (With AMS) 3D Printer; 2. Update 8/28/2023: BAMBU IS RESOLVING THE ISSUE They have chosen to help replace the plate as a one off. It also helps when printing larger models in materials that are prone to warping I tried both on both the textured side and the smooth side of my Energetic PEI sheet and both sides work very well. Free shipping on orders over $49 (standard and economy shipping ). Honey badger makes a pei plate that doesn’t use stickers. Free shipping on I really enjoy this Satin PLA plate and will be using it as my main build plate. It's a flexible magnetic build plate with sprayed dual-sided PEI coating. My $20 plate from AliExpress has never had a print The textured PEI sheet has been great for me so far (with mostly PLA) - however the texture itself is pretty distinct and there’s zero chance of getting any other side of the Dual-Sided PEI Texture Plate Review From Bambu Lab. 6 out of 5 stars 42 There's an Energetic plate on Ali Express that is smooth PEI on one side, textured on the other, that fits the Bambu. The G10 plate is fantastic for anything you need for smooth surfaces. The issues are PLA with detailed structures (find lines) on the plate. Free U. I used generic pla setting for Jayo PLA+ except I upped bed temp to 60 because I have a textured pei That’s pretty cool. 15" *Fits: Bambu Lab X1, X1C, and P1P Since the BambuLab has a built-in magnetic bed, this is not a kit, only a Flexi Plate with a pre-installed PEX Build Surface. 4 mm. 220*195*15 mm. It works just like the old cool plate but without the need to use glue stick. Bambu Filament and Accesories. Since I don't like the Bambu High Temp plate either (the smooth PEI sticker they use is garbage and it is an engineering plate on the other side not textured) my search continued. Reply more replies. Swap your printer bed easily without the need for extra modifications or hardware, making your upgrade process smooth and stress-free. I really like usign the textured PEI plate as I don’t need glue stick and is easy to remove. I have the Lightyear plate and it sticks and releases great. (The PEI plate is washed with soap, rinsed, dried and then Bambu Textured PEI Plate Bambu Dual-Sided Textured PEI Plate. 180*180 mm. Before auto-leveling, it is necessary to repeatedly rub the nozzle in the special wiping area of the build plate to completely remove any residual Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HysiPrui 3D Printer Double Sided Textured Surface PEI and PEO Sheet Build Plate - Flexible Removable Heated Bed Mat Energetic Textured PEI Flex Plate . 04 ; for Textured PEI Plate {endif} tthrutheframe;===== for Textured PEI Plate, High Temp Plate and Wham Bam Plate =====;curr_bed_type={curr_bed_type} but their polished marketing and rave 6 comments. I now use either the Bambu textured PEI plate, or the Energetic PEI plate. Or buy garolite and cut it to size. I suspect a light spray of windex and a dry wiped prior to each print or print cycle will produce a dry film interface that will coat and preserve the build plate and aid Bambu Lab P1P Review. ExpectDeer • X1C + AMS • 7 mo. Because of that, you must add 0. The Bambu plates work fine for PETG in my experience but their plates all use stickers and are designed to be disposables Bambu Textured PEI Plate Bambu Smooth PEI Plate: Max Build Plate Temperature: 80 ℃ Bambu Textured PEI Plate. I will be attempting a larger print soon with glue stick on the damaged dual textured PEI plate Texture plate life expectancy. -This worked ok ,but after I got some hours on the cool plate, corners started to lift and warp bottom. Bambu ASA Bambu ASA is a highly durable material that offers exceptional UV, weather, mechanical, and thermal resistance. Work with Bambu Lab X1 3D Printers. Dual Smooth Dual Textured Smooth/Textured Smooth/Carbon fiber. And acetone is a no-no with PEI. sparcv9 • X1C • 7 mo. During I haven't tried the gold plate so far, and as of yet, one of my (early) Dual-sided PEI plates is still going strong, aside the coating flaking off around the nozzle-rub spot at the top. ErathornI • 7 mo. 257. Bambu Textured PEI Plate Overview. I Bambu Lab X1 Series. 5x257. it depends what you print. The newer official Bambu gold textured PEI plates are the equivalent. I'd start it with the Bambu Basic PLA profile (220) and then tune it up or down from there. Bambu Dual-Sided Textured PEI Plate Overview The Bambu Dual-sided Textured PEI Plate is a flexible magnetic build plate with sprayed dual-sided PEI coating. The debris that forms is like acrylic meets fiberglass. Mostly for PLA and a little ABS so far working well. I have been using the Bambu lab textured PEI plate for most of my prints. com. Dual-sided Textured PEI Plate . I read a lot of different comments on different forums on why to use IsoPropylAlcohol (IPA) or soap to clean my X1C build plates. I really hope Bambu ships it with new printers over the old cool plate. As pointed out, the only effective way to clean textured plates is with soap (Dawn or equiv) and water (a couple of times) and then dry with clean paper towels / lint free cloth. Package size. Add to cart. Not using glue on ABS I assumed ASA would be the same during the first print it failed almost immediately. 99 USD Sale price $33. The satin finish adds a nice texture without being too aggressive. The amount of misinformation regarding PEI plates floating around on the internet is staggering. ago. when hot it held better than the PEI plate and when cool released just as well. 99 USD. 00 Bambu textured PEI plate. Nice to know. 00 with. ExpectDeer. 99 USD Regular price. It gives you a nice textured finish and completely removes any layer lines. High Temp Plate. Lemming July 14, 2023, 11:51am 1. com: RETUXEP 3D Printer PEI Build Plate 257x257mm Double Sided Textured PEI Sheet for Bambu Lab x1 P1P 3D Printer, Color: Double Sided Textured PEISize: 257 *257 mm Vine Customer Review of Free Product ( What's this?) This is designed for a Bambu printer but I'm using it on a different printer. Bambu Textured PEI Plate. If you buy and cut garolite, please make sure to wear an n95 or respirator and thick gloves. 08 elephant foot compensation. on Textured PEI it is general not The Bambu Texture PEI Plate features a 0. 8 Monochrome LCD Screen; Automatic Leveling; Textured PEI Plate Bed; 256 x 256 x 256mm Print I ordered and tested 2 3rd party build plates - the Energetic PEI sheet and the Wham Bam PEX sheet. The engineering build plate is magically restored to “like new” condition. NeverDie January 23, 2023, 12:57am 43. The QR is not needed to use our Price: USD 54. The Bambu Texture PEI Plate features a 0. Item is in stock. The product page for the textured pei plate says 45-60 for PLA. It's a good in-between with the textured plate and smooth. The Wham Bam plate comes with a little QR sticker that will "trick" the Textured PEI is a nice plate from Bambu. These days I use the Energetic PEI plate (review here) smooth+textured almost exclusively, it works fantastically well with a wide range of filament types and brands, but I still break out the cool plate from time to time and with the proper application of glue (or Windex) and temp/filament settings it works just fine with prints large and small. 06-0. I ran the heat up to 45 - 50°C and it was better. 00 Both using the generic profile but bumped up the engineering plate temp by 5-10c. shipping & advice. I clearly notice myself is that if I don’t clean my Bambu plates (cool, PEI or Engineer) wit 100% IPA, prints fail quickly due to left behind residue from either fingerprint, glue (Bambu stick or Shop Amazon for ENOMAKER Magnetic PEI Bed Plate for Bambu Lab X1 P1P 3D Printer Spring Steel Flex Sheet Upgrade Double Sided Smooth/Textured Flexible Hotbed Sticker Removable Build Surface Platform Mat 257x257mm and find millions of items, delivered faster than ever. I ordered an Energetic double-sided PEI sheet from AliExpress a few weeks ago which includes a textured PEI I've been using it for a month or so, and I also got the Bambu Lab Textured PEI plate once it became available. It also helps when printing larger models in materials that are prone to warping Hello everyone. Sale Sold out. I use that one often: when printing very large . on cool sheet it is kinda “required” as it sticks to wel. IPA isn’t really effective in cleaning textured plates since contaminants can get down in the low areas and don’t get removed. StarFire54 January 23, 2023, 4:31am 44. 3. 04 ;for Textured PEI Plate {endif} This will lower the nozzle by -0. The cool plate and glue stick is the old reliable method but annoying. Add a HoneyBadger P-Series Smooth Black PEI Flex Plates. High Temperature Plate or Textured PEI Plate: Cool Plate: Hotend: All Size / Material / Glue: Bambu Liquid Glue Glue Stick / ASA Hex Code Table. Color: Hex Code: Display: White: #FFFAF2: Gray #8A949E: Red: #E02928: Green Parts come off easily once it cools down. The customer service rep has printed with the same model but with glue stick (not liquid glue) and had great success in removing the brim. Style Dual Smooth. 15" x 10. I have them on other printers and they never have worked for me for pla. Regular price $33. Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50. Excellent adhesion and easy print removal; Not affect print quality or nozzle lifetime Just get the dual textured PEI plate then. After printing, just slightly bend the PEI sheet platform, you can remove the print easily. 258 x 258 Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface (Bambu Lab) Size: 258 x 258 mm / 10. Magnetic Dual-Sided Textured PEI: PEI Soft Magnetic Steel: Removable magnetic spring steel, scratch resistant: Removeable and flexible plastic with sticker: Aluminium build plate with a magnetic course plastic sticker: Maximum Bed Temperature: 100°C: 100°C: 110°C: Buy Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer at Top3DShop. since i got rid of my old 3D Printer now, only have the textured PEI Sheet that came with the P1P now - sometimes i need to print parts, with a smooth bottom layer and was thinking about just buying another build plate. A lot of good points and info already. i've printed on that thing since 2016 and it feels so strange to have a textured finish on prints now. $35. S. Learn more. 04 every time Textured sheet is selected. Compatibility: X1 Series and P1P Recommended Settings Please note that other slicer sett G29. I am testing a new tex plate and eng plate with only windex as the cleaner; no soapever. The Energetic plate will cause a warning on the printer unless you disable bed detection. There's also the high-temp plate which is smooth PEI, however that one is a sticker, not powder coated. There are 4 Build Plate Profiles in the Bambu Studio. The gold textured one is actually powder coated. TLDR: It's fantastic. PowerChaos November 9, 2022, 10:02pm 3. Unit price / per Package includes: 1 x Double-sided TEXTURED PEI Powder-Coated spring steel sheet. During printing, the plate will ENERGETIC Double-Sided PEI Sheet Review. Do not clean the Textured PEI with Acetone, as it might damage the PEI surface; Pinting. Things to know before use Compatibility: X1 Series and P1P Before The Bambu Texture PEI Plate features a 0. I used the "Bambu ABS" preset for both ABS+ and ASA, but I did have to raise the bed temperature to 100°C to prevent warping. on Hot Sheet ( Smooth PEI ) it is not used for PLA, but could be used with TPU or ABS. 1 Like. • 17 days ago. They make a textured pei plate that doesn’t use stickers and that is great. I have Bambu Dual-Sided Textured PEI Plate Overview The Bambu Dual-sided Textured PEI Plate is a flexible magnetic build plate with sprayed dual-sided PEI coating. Energetic sells a sheet that is textured on one side and smooth on the other. I try every plate with and without gluestick (except the pei plate) It doesn‘t stick to the buildplate. uman March 22, 2023, 7:37pm 21. The Bambu Textured PEI Plate is a flexible magnetic build plate with sprayed dual-sided PEI coating. PLA (HatchBox) Generic PLA Bambu Filament Settings; Cool Plate; 35C BED; 210C First Layer; 200C Extruder Temp; Glue. Both worked perfectly with the X1C using the "High Temp Plate" setting in Studio. 5mm Dual Sided Textured PEI Plate for Bambu Lab X1 X1C P1P 3D Printer,Double Sided Textured/Smooth 3D Printer PEI (Gold) Visit the Ickiya Store. I personally recommend the Bambu Lab textured PEI plate. IdeaFormer-3D Double Sided Textured PEI Spring Steel Build Plate 257x257mm, Flexible PEI Print Bed PEI Sheet for Bambu Lab X1/X1C/P1P/P1S 3D Amazon. Also in almost all the reviews it was the only technical contra argument most people found. Energetic is a great brand so as long as you are getting a genuine one (Ali Express is full of clone companies) it should work fine - I have one on order. I've always been a fan of Fabreeko's Honeybadger stuff - think decent quality Aliexpress parts that a US company imports, quality checks, and fixes any defects before Amazon. I just wasn’t sure whether it would work on the Bambu engineering plate. RETUXEP 3D Printer PEO PEI Build Plate for Bambu Lab X1/X1C/P1P/P1S 3D Printer,Smooth PEO+Textured PEI Surface 257x257mm Spring Steel Plate,Double Sided Flexible Sheet Removable Platform 4. The textured pei is for ABS/ASA and PETG only on my printers. I have two of the textured PEI build plates. The textured pei plate is not good for pla. During printing, the plate will provide excellent adhesion and easy print removal after cooling. Haven't had a single issue with mine. It sticks better than textured, releases slightly easier Add a Comment. My first print with the Black Matte + PEI was perfect. It also helps when printing larger models in materials that are prone to warping that's another different between us: i've only used the bambu textured pei plate so far. It works perfect for those plastics but never for pla. My printer is [Hassle-free Upgrade]: With a convenient size of 257mm x 257mm, the 3DHUB PEI Plate is a drop-in replacement for the stock bed on Bambu Lab printers, including X1/X1C and P1P models.