Tattle life sevda age, No beavers for Ela tonight and no doubt th Tattle life sevda age, No beavers for Ela tonight and no doubt that’s the end of it all together. Wow Sevda, some anchovies. She was raging last night at dinner when Ela said about them going to be spending the night on their iPads and phones sounding like the norm. What an absolute narc!!! Feb 18, 2023. Her AIBU? Follow topic. wocco the 2nd love of her life after Ewa. 33 years old but dresses like she’s 73? No offence but she doesn’t dress well for her age and figure. Either the sister in laws husband has left or the dog has died. Sevda has already decided she won’t like it and instead of at least talking to Ela about it and giving her the choice, Sevda is making her a packed lunch. Anon_face_ • 2 mo. Sevda Ela #16 Paid 11. Let’s guess your He has missed vital socialisation with people , dogs, traffic etc. Mrs Meldrum. Why don't she change it to sevda. Theres no such thing as Daz white teeth so they just look fake as hell, I'd rather eat liquidized food that pay for teeth in Turkey that are 3 sizes too big for my mouth and that And I can't believe they are banished to the bedroom in a 3bed house just cos your getting a kitchen done, eating on the bedeoom floor. When Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the UK would enter lockdown in March 2020, our worlds shrunk to our living rooms. she’s currently open to offers, willing to take IOU’s or payment in the form of mini cheddars, anything so I don’t look like I’m trying to be like Sevda in any way 😂 Since when did sevda become masterchef, her foods mainly oven dinners with half a bottle of sauce or a tub of yoghurt slapped on it Cos it’s so bland Sev's food is so much more interesting than Ehmey's plate after plate of beige, pre-prepared or take away food. Tattle Life is owned and operated by Lime Goss Sevda Ela #17 if you think simple sev is bad, wait until you see her hairy dad Start date Jul 10, 2023; we’re close in age and I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “blouse” Reactions Tattle Life is owned and operated by Lime Goss Don't believe the false smear campaigns of those in a position of power and influence say about Becclo44. Ela is surrounded my grown ups all of the time who have used this holiday to drink and eat no She’s so off brand for them, no chance! How tight claiming some picky bits is a “real treat” when she buys from there regularly and aside from petrol, that’ll be the only thing she’s put her hand in her pocket for the entire weekend. I managed to join Tattle last month, thinking I could finally shit on (not literally 🤣) Sevda, Becki Jones and NannaBea. Why you can trust Sky News. Vote. ela. Reactions: 5. Best. Sevda knows exactly what she’s doing. but you would be more organised and still have access to your loungeeven at a tight squeeze. 99 for a blue tick, god Sevda you are so fick Start date Jun 18 we went last year and my daughter is the same age as Ela and she was jumping in the sea to swim on our boat trip day out, went for Turkish mud baths etc. Tattle Life is owned and operated by Lime Goss Don't believe the false smear campaigns of those in a position Sevdas insta. As for that breakfast she said she’s cut the strawberries up to break up the sweetness the whole bowl is full of sugar just looking at So much annoys me about sevda, the way she instantly stops talking the minute Ela says anything (which is usually rubbish, the way most 4 year olds spout rubbish) and then sevda gives that "kids, eh?" look to the camera! Just saw the video where Ela asks about lipstick Im no expert, does Sevda use a filter? Sevda is so wet and boring and Humble Sevda is long gone. Birthplace Stevenage , England. Really splurging. Next. ishman said: Eating that lasagne last night, fine one mmm from Sev but with every mouth full of the same thing she’s eating over and over she’s mmmming to it. On Tattle Life, influencers and celebrities exist for one purpose: to have the details of Pic: Em Sheldon. I’m convinced her cutesy mumzie whiny voice is put on. Oct 20, 2021. i love her, i truly truly feel she is genuinely that kind & soft spoken! I think she’ll give her daughter eating disorder and severe body dysmorphia. Another poorly Ela clearly not getting it is she that she’s only ever poorly when Sevda seems to be going somewhere. The cheek of her to say “she never just sits at home and chills” I mean, she literally sits on tiktok all day The way sedat was jumping around having a laugh and joke with the tea towel, and she must’ve said something to him because his facial Saying going to the shops is a mission and hard work on her instagram stories. I bet the teachers are so sick of sevda approaching them everyday with some minor issue. Mother of Daughters & Father of Daughters. Put some clothes on Carys, we’re bored of that tummy. Ridiculous. She needs to have another child and then see how long it takes to make a sarnie. 2 comments. Put clothes on Carys, bored of tummy. Start date Oct 23, 2022; Tags Sevda Ela Threads; Status Thread locked. U. Forum: Families. Wonderful Sevda so generous and kind Saint Sevda. We see where Sevda gets the tongue thing from . Sevda ela #21 holiday number 5 surprise surprise, sedat stayed at home to watch Megan’s fick fighs. I do think she puts on a bit of baby talk like lots of children her age. wildgoldchai 17 hr. Mark Ferris. Sevda ela #21 holiday number 5 surprise surprise, sedat stayed at home to watch Megan’s fick fighs As people are showing an interest in wocco’s age again I’m just re posting the maths I did on an older thread as it has screenshots of her lies as well he was far too young when he was taken from his mum, Tattle Life is owned and Sevda probably doesn’t even have parental controls set. Also why is she getting people to guess her SIL age? What a weird thing to do. Sounding as tho she’s blaming others aswell whilst she’s been away. Birth Sign Aries. 100% correct in this day and age with so many nutters about I'd be protecting my child not letting her think it's OK to tell complete strangers she loves them very odd behaviour and shame on sev for thinking and praising her child on it truly shocking in my eyes My 2 grandsons I have never put on fb or tt my daughter has never posted her boys Firty free and can't put make up on another video for the minions to tell her she's beautiful Another pity pot post ME ME ME its all about me with her Back to the crunched up face and silly voice She's all over Turkey now by looks of it that's old news to her let's get back to ME cos I'm so special with me 1k deluded followers can't even make I don’t live far from Sevda, nor do I plenty of other Instagram mums tiktok ect and I go to quite a few ‘popular places’ with my toddlers and what scares me is when I recognise children before I’ve even seen their mums I know what school uniform they wear, what their packed lunches look like, what their bedroom looks like ect and that. Made me laugh eating with the kid We gotta be greatful we have a roof over our heads and food on the table I mean plus free bathrooms hoildays Toby carvery ello fresh weetabix cos I'm an ambassador crappie sun drinks plus all the other free stuff I get tumble dryers 45 quid plastic tit mugs that you fools my followers think I paid for I'm lucky I can Don’t play the victim Sevda!! Also she can’t keep up the downcast somber act, one video she’s acting down and sad like she’s on the verge of tears and in the next video literally a few minutes later she’s perky and smiling. Popular TikTok star best recognized 51. Once ela is pushing towards her pre teens and accessing content independently, she will then understand that her mother selfishly gave up HER privacy to boost her engagement/likes. You also put zero effort into being a wife so that’s not changed since leaving the pharmacy. New to Tattle Life? Click "Order Thread by Most Liked Posts" button below to get an idea of what the site is about: Get a grip sevda, you were working 2/ 3 days max a week in the pharmacy, you had more time than a lot of people have in the week to get stuff done. Replies: 1,086. Don’t let Ela on camera if you don’t want to be thrown under the bus by your own kid. Boost. Social For information or support regarding cyberbullying, contact Supportline on 01708 765200 or info@supportline. She’s an aussie lady who works full time as a lawyer, has two little twins and cooks mostly fresh, homemade food Sevda Ela #16 Paid 11. No wonder his daughter is a simpleton, the entire family seem backwards. How gossip forum Tattle Life became the most toxic place on the internet. Sevda is so selfish, doesn't think of others does she bet sedats family dislike her---At least some of the parents in the hotel give a tit about their kids being filmed, take a leaf out of their book sevda you monster. Firstly if you’ve been home all day you haven’t done over 10,000 steps before 3pm (it was posted 9 hours ago). I hope your tiktok career comes crashing down soon and your crawling back to the pharmacy with your tail between your legs, slumming it in a 9-5 like the rest of us and not being able to swan off on holiday whenever you want. And it's all sevs fault for pandering her and smothering her. Here’s the full thread title: Forced interaction between Amber and Mummy. View most liked Sevda Ela posts on tattle. Sevda Ela #6 Forks, Fingers and Fighs. 15. Leave that child alone and let her have breakfast before school like a normal person. Sevda Ela #17 if you think simple sev is bad, wait until you see her hairy dad Start date Jul 10, 2023; Imagine in this day and age, making sure your husband has a dinner in the freezer for every night you’re away on holiday. She also has major body dysmorphia and I noticed she has a lot of Science & Tech. That tiktok page with pictures and videos of Ela, it has been brought up on this thread a while back and sevda has been tagged in the pictures and videos for ages. Earlier I read some of the Tattle threads about the TikToker and I really can’t believe she does these post. Just an excuse to have an all inclusive jolly and Ela hasn’t spent much time with her Grandma anyway. So while Sedat is perfectly capable and shoupd be helping out it doesn’t suit seagulls narrative. GLAMOUR investigates Tattle Life, a 'gossip This image appears in the gallery:Netflix's Selling Tampa: All the cast and their ages. Sharelle is The 34-year-old midwife, who, along with husband Simon (AKA Father of Daughters) is in charge of four female offspring, has been accused of making racist The latest tweets from @tattlelife Nov 1, 2023. Where were the veggies? She has so much time on her hands to be buttering and faffing about with a sandwich like that. as for that kid going to bed later, bet the reason was the mother couldn’t drag herself away from drinking the Prosecco with her fwend. I feel sorry for him. uk. Thread tittle goes to @ncc89 🍾 She’s still the same narc buying cheap TikTok Star. Ok, so he can't walk far due to his age but she should have been carrying him out as soon as she Sevda posting positive things about her SILs after getting called out yesterday 😂 Reading on Tattle and here I see. I agree, she is seeking validation. Tattle Life is owned and operated by Lime Goss Sevda already shows her it’s okay to take advantage of a child’s lack of capacity, kids absorb that. New to Tattle Life? Click "Order Thread by Most Liked Posts" button below to get an idea of what the site is about: Yes sev hilarious that not even your 1 year old dog has to go on a diet. Sevda Ela Gossip Forum. Also once again sevda not giving 2 hoots about other people’s privacy by including multiple people’s faces in her photo on the plane to show that the flight is full. I hope reality hits her with I’ve recently found a new tiktoker and the more I watch her, the more she puts people like Sevda to shame. 2 replies. That child is going to have a hard time in school. Wednesday 6 Oct 2021 10:28 am. Aug 17, 2023. Sevda is such an early bird, everyone else is lazy. was gonna have ewas friend round (probably Bobby) but the friend text (I assume you mean his mum) and invited ewa to his brothers birthday party at gravity. Saint Sevda duck me, she absolutely inhaled that egg on toast, the size of pieces she was cutting and then stuffing it in her gob, desperate to get it down her gullet so she could say mmmMmmMm. She even mmmmmmm over the lettuce!! Sevda Ela #4 Food orgasms, Turkish cheese and more, Saint Sevda is a big fat bore! Start date Jul 26, 2022; I don’t think Ela’s speech is bad for her age though. I can imagine she is a nightmare. Add a Comment. BeardofHagrid · 19/10/2023 19:39. Elas far too young to have an account. She’s liking almost all the comments so hard to figure out what’s wrong because some people have commented about how the sister in laws dog was sick so probably has died and she’s liked those comments but she also liked a Everything was swimming in fat. Don’t drop kick her out the window I’ll have her 😂 by the sounds of it saint sevda won’t have the puppy for long anyway. Just check you’re 100% in the shot before you kiss your child and tell the camera how much you missed her Jesus wept. Reactions: 4. Used to be a fan but she’s pissing me off now. She only paused briefly so she could show off that pathetic Sevda mug. Sedat didn't make the list Sevda Ela Threads; Status Thread locked. But Tattlers who joined after March 2022 can’t comment on 65 comments. She is bone idle and insufferable. I don’t know why he is with her. Order Thread by Most Liked Posts. New to Tattle Life? Click "Order Thread by Most Liked Posts" button below to get an idea of I'm the same, those Turkey teeth look like those plastic ones you used to get in lucky bags years ago I'm showing my age now but I cant take people serious with them. Birthday April 16, 1989. How old is Sharelle Rosado from Selling Tampa? Sharelle Rosado is 34 years old. Age 34 years old. In her dads tik tok of him eating the soup at sevdas, he says that the mum is there helping sevda cook dinner, so when sevda cooks something slightly more interesting, she can’t even make it herself!!---Omg so painful to watch, everyone has to stay quiet during dinner time so her and her dad can make separate videos eating the same dinner Feb 6, 2023. Tattle Life is owned and operated by Lime Goss Don't believe the false smear campaigns of those in a position of power and influence say about tattle Sevda. Yet only now is she trying to get it taken down and is still using her child for content. 100% agree with you and Defiant Decision. Mrs Hinch. Mate, I'd be telling her that it's my holiday and she won't be telling me when and where I can go and when. elasdad Start date Jul 12, The fact that a man of his age struggled to cook spaghetti is mind blowing. Women say their mental health and reputations are being damaged by trolls targeting them on a gossip forum. About. ncc89. Tattle Life is owned and operated by Lime Goss Don't believe the false smear campaigns of those in a position of power and influence say about She comes across as being very timid but yet those bully bastards ie hairy Daddy long tooth and seagull Sev keep flipping the camera and shoving it right in her face, we havent seen much of Mine in the holiday videos, probably because she has told him to keep the camera off her and rightly so if she is uncomfortable being filmed and he should I’m the same age as sevda and my Nan is very ill at the moment but she’s 89 has lived a wonderful life and I know how lucky I am to have got to 33 and still have my Nan here and that my children know their gran (my other grandparents passed when I was very young) I don’t understand why she acts like she’s the first person to have ever The way she said she's told her parents and sister they can go to the adults pool tomorrow and her And sedat will go the next day. Sevda Ela Threads; Status Thread locked. People are breaking their backs working to provide for their families and you have the audacity to complain about doing duck all and dumping your kid and dog on your mother whilst you swan about town. #16108 Most Popular. Lazy Sunday Sep 20, 2023. Tattle Life is owned and operated by Lime Goss Don't believe the false smear campaigns of those in a position of power and influence say about tattle Sevda is so quiet, Sedat and his family are all noisy. 2. Mar 27, 2022. She shouldn't be like this at 6 years old. 4. I’m going to gift her one of them dog bowls you get that stops your dog gobbling up their food The choice to ignore it and continue posting her is sick and that's all on sevda. org. Gossip. “Thinking about how vile she is is making me vom,” goes one Madison Sarah. yes I can imagine having lots all over the place. ago. We start a new thread when they have over 1000 posts, click the blue button to see all threads for this topic and find the latest open thread. Maybe take him for more shorter walks or feed him proper food. Her real tone slips back and then she has to go back to acting all high pitched and muzie of the year. Being totally shy and nervous will impact her adult life as well. Sep 9, 2021. Anon_face_ • 1 hr. My mum just turnt up ‍ TURNED SEVDA TURNED has mummy turnt up to help her film the ad or to look after wocco, or to even clean the nursing home. HOWLING AT FACETIME BESTIE - I blocked Grinch ages ago but I remember when she used to do lists like ‘hold hands with Jamie’ ‘talk to mum’ bleeping Someone needs to make a tiktok using her friend sticking finger up Laughing at her friend sticking her finger up at people?!?!? duck you you bleeping witch, This is a big duck you to all those people who want her to speak up about the injustice Tearing her down? Why is everything about her? duck you sevda I hope---I hope this ends your He doesn't half talk a load of shite, I know where seagull gets it from, 2 peas in a pod 🙄 no wonder his wife spends two hours rolling vine leaves, probably more interesting than listening to him witter on 😂 Sevda moaning after a 20 minute walk to her mother in laws shows she’s not used to walks so poor Rocco must get very short walks. Sevda Ela #6 Forks, Fingers and Fighs Start date Oct 23, 2022; Tags Sevda Ela Threads; Status Thread locked. Sorry for how this sounds but her sister clearly isn’t the type to exercise just sits around eating so can’t imagine her playing with that dog for a long time or taking him on a good long walk. Don’t get me wrong it is gross to burp at the dinner table etc but he’s literally in the sitting room, out the way of Sevda and her camera whilst he’s alone eating his dinner, so don’t think he’s necessarily done anything wrong this time round. 99 for a blue tick, god Sevda you are so fick Start date Jun 18, 2023; Tags All 3 of mine could swim confidently by the age of 4, knowing how to swim is a must. 9. Had to shorten title to make it fit. He’s very shy and doesn’t say much. New to Tattle Life? Click "Order Thread by Most Liked Posts" button below to get an idea of what the site is about: This dirty old cockroach spitting food out while trying to eat and talk We know where Sevda gets her lizard tongue action from . James and Carys #13 Interaction, Amber & Mummy. Draper, 31, a business owner and influencer from Glasgow, has been discussed on Tattle Life. She shouldn't even have her name as sevda. People are working full time while juggling kids, housework, kids after school activities etc. Ela is your child Sevda. He must love her because if I was him I’d rather be in a warm country with my family than being stuck here and working as a bin man watching Sevda stuffing her face to an audience constantly. And her food can’t taste that great because with everything she eats it’s smothered in some sauce. . She’s an ungrateful cow towards Sedat. sevda is a user and a poor model and elas “annoying Sevda’s “job” is amazing 1950s stay at mum and housewife to her daughter and husband who cooks delicious turkish imspried meals from scratch every day . saying earlier sedat is without his TV. Sevda feeds everyone before finally getting herself some food. Secondly your story makes no sense. Sevda tends to cook fresh, something Ehmey rarely does and Sevda cooks a lot of Posting multiple stories on her Instagram at the airport, no wonder Lisa wasn’t for smiling she’s probably fed up of Sevda and her filming before they were even on the plane. That video with Ela shows it. Sevda is always treating people, she will be paying for them all to have a meal. Sevda Ela threads on Tattle.

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