Uzui tengen x child reader, Nnn. 8. Lady Kibutsuji Muzan. A trave Uzui tengen x child reader, Nnn. 8. Lady Kibutsuji Muzan. A traveler mistook the boy as Uzui Tengen/Reader; Uzui Tengen & Reader; Characters: Uzui Tengen; Rengoku Kyoujurou; Rengoku Senjurou; Rengoku Shinjurou; Rengoku Ruka; Rengoku Our beloved protagonist, Saeko Matsushita, is born into our everyday modern world. Your mom is sus. You decide to leave him because you know you don’t deserve that. Uzui Tengen & Reader Hinatsuru/Makio/Suma/Uzui Tengen/Reader Uzui Tengen Rengoku Kyoujurou Hinatsuru (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Makio (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Suma Kaigaku (Kimetsu no Yaiba)/Reader; Uzui Tengen/Reader; Nakime (Kimetsu no Yaiba)/Reader; Urokodaki Sakonji & Reader; Ubuyashiki Kagaya & Reader; Rengoku Uzui Tengen, one of the Demon Slayer Corp's most ardent Sound Hashira, fell in love with a demon. -> The child is gender neutral and (C/N) is child’s name. The story begins with the reader as child experiencing innocent young love. Shameless Smut. Fascinated by your refusal, he tries to convince you to embrace your demonic nature, only to discover your ability to draw strength from him in unexpected ways. Time for advertising πŸŽ‰. Suma (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Daki | Ume (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting. Sign me up. "Thanks. You write it down in your diary, as you do with all things, not expecting for him to read it that day. Original Child Character(s) Tomioka Giyuu; Kibutsuji Muzan; Ubuyashiki Kagaya; Tsuyuri Kanao; Kanroji Mitsuri; Iguro Obanai; Shinazugawa Sanemi; Himejima Gyoumei; Iguro Obanai/Reader (50) Uzui Tengen/Reader (49) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (45) Angst (33) Hurt/Comfort (19) Reader-Insert (19) Romance (16) Smut (15) Fluff Non violent demon reader. i dont own any characters in It's time to try Tumblr. Language: Tengen's heart pounded as he hears her footsteps getting closer, revealing a dough-covered girl he once and always adore. Makio made sure those rumors stopped. He says some extremely hurtful words. Inspired by InuYasha - A Feudal Fairy Tale. 8K 12. inosuke tanjiro and zenitsu being silly goobers. # 1. Angst, fluff, your gender is not confirmed. -> Tengen Uzui, Sanemi Shinazugawa, Giyuu Tomioka, Tengen Uzui x fem!Reader You and Tengen got into a heated argument after a demon hunt gone wrong. by cuddlephoria. Daughter of Uzui Tengen, Makio Uzui , Suma Uzui, and Hinasturu Uzui is a big crybaby. He even tried to feed you his blood, which only made you scream louder. As he rested, he heard the sounds of rustling coming from a nearby bush, making him sit up and turn his attention at the bush. Sort by: Hot tengen; muzan +21 more # 6. Completed. Every so often I open up requests to write monster versions of characters x reader fics. Kyojuro Rengoku, the flame hashira, and Tengen Uzui, the flamboyant and speedy sound hashira. Nothing really real happens but. Then, someone invented Rengoku Kyojuro + Hashiras x Female Inumaki Reader A cursed girl caught the attention of some powerful males and females. 8K 107. Browse through and read or take tengen uzui x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations A series of Child! Reader x Platonic! Kimetsu no Yaiba characters. " Read Uzui Tengen - Lost and Found from the story Kimetsu No Yaiba One-Shots by DreamerChan04 (Nina) with 15,076 reads. please. Word Count: ~1,500. INFO: This story will contain Kyojiro Rengoku x Reader, Tengen Uzui x reader and Douma x reader. Some mention of serious illness. " "Love isn't a distraction. zenitsu, kimetsunoyaiba, tanjiro. Language: English. 2. it has already been two days since they have been in the entertainment district, and Zenitsu π™Žπ™π™π˜Όπ™’π˜½π™€π™π™π™” π™π™„π™€π™‡π˜Ώπ™Ž π™π™Šπ™π™€π™‘π™€π™ | T. His hair is of an uneven length, the longest strands reaching his shoulders, and is styled with three more notable, shorter clumps arching up to fall as bangs between his eyes and on either side of his face. Uzui Tengen x Female Reader BahaBlastPlease. Tengen didn't bother to look up at them, an emotionless expression on his face as he moved some of M/N's (H/C) hair away from his face. v. Muichiro x Reader x Giyu - Training There had been rumors about you being the child of a forth, secret wife of Uzui. Size Kink. Together, you work hard to train, painting your world with bright colors for the first time in your life. You'll never be bored again. As he rested, he heard the sounds of Demon Slayer β€’ Father Figure Tengen x Muzan's Son Reader β€’ Reader was a weak half demon that refused to help his father find the spider Lily. I'm unhinged. The only joke here is you not being with me. Skin tone: [s/t] Hair color: [h/c] Eye color: [e/c] Scar: On her back, from an assassination attempt. Check out my other Demon slayer realted book if you haven't yet. Though, the night before he returns from a mission you have a spicy dream about him. Rengoku Kyojuro x Reader AU. she needs it after this. When Muzan turned you into a demon, he did not expect you be repulsed by the thought of consuming human flesh. This book features the characters of Kimetsu No Yaiba of all genders and AUs. He got you to calm down by giving you Ohagi. Sort by: Hot. KNY x child! Reader Scenarios by TiggerTriggerze1st. Language: English Words: 85,952 Chapters: Hinatsuru/Makio/Suma/Uzui Tengen (41) Akaza | Hakuji/Koyuki Reader (393) Uzui Tengen (278) Kochou Shinobu (273) Kamado Tanjirou (268) Kanroji Mitsuri (268) Shinazugawa Sanemi (260) Tomioka Giyuu (256) Agatsuma Zenitsu (213) Hashibira Inosuke (212) Include Relationships Rengoku Kyoujurou/Reader (946) Tomioka Giyuu/Reader (194) Shinazugawa Sanemi/Reader (179) Uzui Tengen/Reader (133) (Demons with child-like appearances or who act like a child/turned as a child are not considered) Reader will be referred to as she/her and female anatomy will be mentioned. you started to huff. You're not usually allowed there because of your rare blood so you decide spend this special quality time with the sound pillar, Uzui Tengen. Reader is AFAB - Freeform. 0k Suggest tags. He never raised his voice at you in the manner that he did. Uzui x Male Child Reader CHAPTER 10 Was it safe to come out yet? M/N was hiding in a building far away from where Tengen and the others were, and he 4. Lord Tengen hasn't been paying much attention to me since Hade was born and it makes me cry. Actually perhaps I am, but I guess this is not going to change even when we are 3. 365K 9. As the three wives reached Tengen, Suma was the first to notice M/N July 10, 2022 Mizu-Kitsune. KNY | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Tengen Uzui Tengen Uzui X Reader Tengen X Reader Uzui X Reader just some random fanfic I wrote for my friend idk if it'll be any good. 3K 369 29. I also do character ships provided one is monster. Maybe later Sign me up See a recent post on Tumblr from @tired-writer04 about yandere tengen uzui x reader. His princess - Uzui Tengen x Reader +18 HungarianShinobi. "Hey" "Hey. And he only stopped when he had broken 3 fingers from both of your hands You were crying, screaming losing all the air inside your lungs. 766 Stories. Chapter 12: Ignored Chapter Text. Kamado Nezuko Needs a Hug. Inferiority Complex. KNY | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Muzan X Male Reader Muzan X Reader Bxb Demon Slayer X Reader (Male Insert) It’s been a few years since (Y/N) got married to this man. His princess - Uzui Tengen x Reader Written by: Hungarian Shinobi. All separately. "Pages of Attraction is a collection of short, fluff, mild smut, crack or angst inspired stories created for the needs of those who appreciates the simple slice of life contents. CW: 18+NSFW, accidental v!yeurism, cream!pie, dark humor, degrading language, explicit language, Fem!Reader. Lilac Goodale was a normal teenager before she died. The reader has 3 crows one has a crush on them if that’s weird to you I totally get it, it was a little weird to me too there’s like one or two mentions of sex nothing big or long or too explicit I don’t know how to put the ratings please tell me if you know. Sinclair . Sakura Hirai is a 20 year old girl who lives down the mountain from the Kamado family where she has looked after their children for years after the Father of the Kamado Completed. Tengen is a very tall, broad-shouldered, and muscular man with lightly-tanned skin and white hair. This fanfic will only follow the plotline of seasons 1&2. We hope you will enjoy your read. Light Angst. 129K 1. You just got married to your husband and meeting his other beautiful wives caused your nerves to spike. Discover Uzui Tengen Suma (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Makio (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Hinatsuru (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Kamado Tanjirou Hashibira Inosuke Agatsuma Zenitsu Additional Cry baby. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. F#cking Professor Rengoku - Rengoku Kyojuro x Reader +18 Rengoku Kyojuro x Reader Written by: Hungarian Shinobi. Our beloved protagonist, Saeko Matsushita, is born into our everyday modern world. A. (Jujutsu Kaisen x gn! reader) #Warning: contains spoilers from manga# The ocean is where many creatures belong, it's their home. Discover more posts about x reader, light angst, child reader, angst, smut, female reader, and x child reader. Chapters: 1/1. tengenuzui. ) Y/n Shinaguzawa is 18 at the start of this story. However, your father refused to let you get married to Tengen, no matter how many times he asked. 2k Discussion 3. 2K 107. Chapter 2: Chapter 1 Notes: (See the end of the chapter for notes. You begin questioning why someone like him would want someone like you. IE 'Mermaid Uzui x Reader' with one or two additional prompts. Anybody can request. See a recent post on Tumblr from @imbadatwrighting about x child reader. Words: 7,930. Demon You flinched at his yelling. Lilac, being a casual fan of Demon Slayer, possesses enough knowledge to navigate through the story. 16. There will be smut but further down the road when the reader is much older. These are all smut. Tengen decided to complete the mission by himself. 2K 17. Maybe later. Angst with a Happy Ending. Child Abuse; Implied/Referenced Sexual Assault; Not to our characters just in the crappy world Uzui Tengen x Female Reader. Nothing more than good friends at first, an Uzui Tengen/Reader; Kibutsuji Muzan/Reader; Douma (Kimetsu no Yaiba)/Reader; Perhaps not the best start. Tengens face softened and he Uzui Tengen. Master list. The Blue Spider Lily [Yandere Hash by haleywink-chan. You were married to Tengen Uzui when you were freshly 18 by your father, a merchant who used you to repay his debts to the slayer for killing the demon that was hunting your father. but for even someone as strong willed as Kyojuro, there's more than just recovering physically. Finally the family feels complete! β™‘ β™‘ Ranked #265 in An Ongoing. "ShhhShhh, I'm here. 4K 130. Some descriptions of PTSD. Summary: You were a childhood friend of Tengens, and he'd had feelings for you since then. " Tengen whispered, M/N's breathing beginning to slow down. Souls tied together by fate, destined to be together. Finally the family feels complete! β™‘ β™‘ Ranked #265 in An Uzui Tengen/Reader Douma (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Uzui Tengen Uzui Tengen's Wives Original Demon Slayer Corps Hashira | Pillar Character (s) (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Demon Uzui Tengen/Reader; Shinazugawa Sanemi/Reader; Tomioka Giyuu/Reader; Iguro Obanai/Reader; Rengoku Kyoujurou/Reader; Kanroji Mitsuri/Reader; Kochou VIII. o. This is an Isekai type story. " An awkward silence surrounded the two, apart from the distant cheers of his 3 wives from the corner that gathered the attention of a small crowd. He went to see you before going to his mis Tengen + Child! Reader ] β™‘ One cold night you're saved by Suma, it had to be fate for the both of you. " Uzui x reader - Freeform; Language: English Stats: Published: 2023-05-12 Completed: 2023-05-12 Words: 39,434 Chapters: 16/16 The forgotten wife Tengen Uzui x reader Maddnesscalls94. Six-year-old Nishida Kai has his whole childhood ripped away from him when his parents are eaten by a You stared up at him, He stared down at you. nezukokamado. zenitsu; inosuke; readerinsert +19 more # 5. Y/N, a lower level demon slayer is caught in a battle with a lower moon. reader has a size kink. Other Feature (s): two cartoony heart shapes painted below her eyes, as if they were moles. Everything’s been normal- well not really. Maki Uzui . When she was just two years old, Chiara Rose Bernardi was taken away from her family by her mother Unspoken (BNHA x Male child reader) [ Daddy! Tengen + Child! Reader ] β™‘ One cold night you're saved by Suma, it had to be fate for the both of you. Anime & Manga Just For Fun Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Uzui Tengen Tengen Uzui How Similar Are You To. gyomei sanemi mitsuri shinobu demonslayer obanai muichiro rengoku tanjiro giyuu inosuke zenitsu nezuko kny uzui tengen kimetsunoyaiba muzan hashira genya. ) Chapter Text (y/n)'s POV: "(Y/n)! Where are you? Kyojuro was only a year older than me, yet sometimes he talked to me as if I'm a child. After her death, she finds herself in the Demon Slayer universe, but she is now a male. You began having a panic attack after meeting the wives. Small tears pricked at the corner of your eyes as the two of you stood in complete silence. You're skilled healer, who's presence is requested at the demon slayer hq. '' test series !! Today you're going to see results to know how similar are you to Uzui Tengen from one of my fav animes ''Demon Slayer'' aka ''Kimetsu No Tengen went to cherry blossom tree that was on a small hill and sat down under it, M/N still in his arms while he took his small hand in his and squeezed it tightly. surviving a near-fatal battle with an upper rank is an incredible feat. ππ„πˆππ† 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐄𝐋𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐓 child of the Kamado family was no easy task. You screamed your lungs out as he tried everything to calm you down. [JJK x Child by yolina ; 137K 5. After her death, she finds herself in the Demon Slayer universe, but she It's time to try Tumblr You'll never be bored again. I'm feral. He went to see you before going to his mission in the Entertainment District to rescue his wives and cleanse the area of demons, not realizing it was the final time he would see you. Uzui Tengen x Female Fushiguro Toji Reader [Ft. Height: 160cm. Welcome to my first ''How similar are you to. Kudos: Without you even realizing he bent your index finger backward then another one, then another one. Tengen Uzui x Gender Neutral Reader. Hinatsuru paints these for her every day, Tengen sometimes does it for her. Her only clue to finding her soulmate is a pendant decorated in bright flames, while Browse Anime/Manga Fanfiction Demon Slayer Reader. 413 pages 4 weeks Rengoku Kyoujurou Needs a Hug. Finally the family feels complete! β™‘ β™‘ Ranked #265 in An Uzui Tengen/Reader; Hinatsuru/Makio/Suma/Uzui Tengen/Reader; Hashibira Inosuke/Kamado Tanjirou; Uzui Tengen; Hinatsuru (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Makio Tengen + Child! Reader ] β™‘ One cold night you're saved by Suma, it had to be fate for the both of you. the priestesses and spiritual aura is inspired by inuyasha. Tengen laid on top of a hill with his hands behind his head, watching the sun above slowly rise in the sky. Uzui Tengen Akaza Douma Kokushibou Enmu Reader Uzui Tengen; Child Reader - Character; Reader; Uzui Tengen's Wives; Makio (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Flufftober 2023; Domestic Fluff; Family Fluff; Fluff; Tooth-Rotting Fluff; Father Figures; Hinatsuru/Makio/Suma/Uzui Tengen/Reader (16) Tomioka Giyuu/Reader (13) Kanroji Mitsuri & Reader (12) Shinazugawa Sanemi/Reader (11) Rengoku Kyoujurou & -Uzui x Fem!Reader-In which Y/N, an orphan with a hauntingly sad past, finds purpose standing by Tengen Uzui's side as his devoted protege. Language: English Words: 17,413 Uzui Tengen/Reader (133) Kamado Tanjirou/Reader (126) Kochou Shinobu/Reader (114) Hashibira Inosuke/Reader (101) Agatsuma Zenitsu/Reader (98) Reader slowly becomes insane. Uzui Tengen/Reader (301) Rengoku Kyoujurou/Reader (131) Tomioka Giyuu/Reader (107) Shinazugawa Sanemi/Reader (98) Hinatsuru/Makio/Suma Uzui Tengen, one of the Demon Slayer Corp's most ardent Sound Hashira, fell in love with a demon. 4. Alternate Universe - Kimetsu Gakuen (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Tengen in mad sus in this. My team struggled to keep pace and we lost the We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Soul || KNY x Reader. AFAB reader - Freeform. 3K 251 23. Just friends. Hina stood up letting you catch your breath. But no thanks. uotev. Then a group of Demon Slayers showed Cartoon porn comic Uzui tengen x reader - for free. The bush rustled again, Tengen smirking due to already knowing who was in it. 7K 52. 'oh no' the thought 'they're gonna cry'. Possible Trigger Warning: will feature mentions of historical child abuse during the story. Her only clue to finding her soulmate is a pendant decorated in bright flames, while Browse through and read tengen uzui fanfiction stories and books. Little Megumi]. " A child groaned as she rolled her head, painfully, against the cold wooden floors beneath her Slowly, her eyes began to twelvekizuki; nezuko; slightyaoi +21 more # 10. " ~ A lost friend from another world arrives with the intent 761 15 10 by Howsitgoing25 Summary: you were a demon, hiding with the Uppermoon Six demons for protection in the Red Light District. . Demon Slayer 1 (kny x oc) by β™‘~β˜†elβ˜†~β™‘. Bitter Sweet (Giyuu x Reader) by Mae Mochi. Summary: You and Tengen are friends. (Tengen is still in a poly relationship with his wives. Browse through and read or take tengen uzui x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. 431 pages October 17, 2022 Living Boulevard. View a big collection of the best porn comics, rule 34 comics, cartoon porn and other on our site. She never really wanted to be a shinobi but if she majesty-madness Too Close for Comfort - Tengen Uzui x reader Originally posted by smol-ackerman : Y/N can't fight or defend herself, but she's alright with that and with being a Please. i just like to switch POVs a lot. Add to library 4. When he does, you question what your relationship Tale of the Flower Hashira. The privilege to make you mine. no beta we die like men. Emergency Request Fulfilled: Hi T! May I Rengoku Kyoujurou/Uzui Tengen/Reader; Uzui Tengen/Reader; Rengoku Kyoujurou/Uzui Tengen; Characters: Rengoku Kyoujurou; Kamado Tanjirou; Agatsuma Zenitsu; Hashibira Inosuke; Kochou Shinobu; β€’ dominant female reader, dominant uzui, submissive rengoku β€’ follow the twitter for updates/interactions/sneak peeks! Chapter We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Suma p. Right from the beginning. Browse through and read uzui x rengoku fanfiction stories and books . 413 pages 3 weeks ago M. The tightness in his chest also began to go away, M/N cuddling into Tengen's chest as he wiped Himejima Gyomei x Reader, Iguro Obanai x Reader, Rengoku Kyojuro x Reader, Shinazugawa Sanemi x Reader, Tomioka Giyuu x Reader, Uzui Tengen x Reader. Teaching their child combat | Headcanonsgender neutral -> In this, you are the mom/dad. The worst enemy of humanity. Eventually, you had to move away, and Tengen was furious. F#cking Proffessor Rengoku: The story is playing in a modern alternative universe whereas (y/n) is a university student. you can only do so much as he allows. Mature. What you didn’t know Soft Uzui Tengen. It's a privilege. A series of Child! Reader x Platonic! Kimetsu no Yaiba characters. "Lord Tengen!" Makio called out, her, Hinatsuru, and Suma going over to their husband to make sure he was alright.